Wrong SEO practices affecting website ranking 2018

SEO ranking myths and bad practices

Search Engine Optimisation is always evolving and is now a common marketing strategy for many business owners with online websites. Marketers are devoted to constantly updating their website and analysing focus keywords. Stop wasting time on strategies that don’t work.

Here are some bad practices:

#1: Wrong perception – Have more pages the better

Heard of quality over quantity? In this case, less is more. You should aim to have relevant information on a website, this lets the user find information faster instead of having to “click” around the entire website just to find info. Having poor content will affect your ranking in search engines.

#2: Social media doesn’t help or is not relevant to SEO

While social media does not directly benefit, social sharing will help increase visibility to other readers. So the more shares, the more influence it has on your ranking. So don’t completely neglect your business social media!

#3: Google will figure it out over time

You can’t expect magical things to happen.

Each page on the search results should always be unique and contain quick clues for the search engines to filter them out from the millions and millions of pages on the whole interweb. Without special qualities, you would just be taking a gamble.

#4: Secure (HTTPs encrypted) site is not important for SEO

HTTPS: Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol, allows authorisation and secured transactions. Exchanging confidential information needs to be secured in order to prevent unauthorized access.


Google has previously announced that secure sites have a ranking boost compared to those websites without it. It is not a huge major boost but defintely a safe bet. Having a secured site helps to authenticate your website. Google wants to help their online users secure. Find out here on how to set up your website SSL.

#5: I already set up SEO before

5 years ago is a long time. Not to mention even 2 years ago. It can’t be done once and be forever all-good for the rest of the days.

While I’m not suggesting to update it every single day, it is good to monitor your SEO report once in a while to see if it needs:

  • Publishing new content
  • Updating outdated content or updating old links(degrading)
  • Improve user experience or upgrade to compete with evolving competitors.
  • The list goes on


I’m also constantly learning and upgrading my skills in SEO marketing. This article was inspired by reading on how clients don’t much attention to SEO and questioned why their website is not gaining views. If you are not new to SEO, that’s great! But if you are not – Start researching and gain knowledge to make the right decisions for your SEO strategy. Be knowledgeable about your own business/client needs and the world is your oyster.

By applying the right SEO tips, the more prominently your website will show on search engine functionalities such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Ultimately leading more traffic to your business.

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Posted on March 30, 2018

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